Airbnb Kimono -blog

【Kimono experience customers from Germany】

They choose my Kimono experience for their first Kimono experience. I hope they had wonderful time with Kimono and al...
Airbnb Kimono -blog

【Kimono Experience customers from English】

I got wonderful couples as my customers from English. They choose to come to Japan as their honeymoon. Tha...

【Photo shooting at 59Rivoli in Paris by film】

One of the free day in Paris was photo shooting by film. Thank you for everyone helped me my shootig. It was not p...

ReFashion Caravan festival at Shirahige-shrine

I made it through the first ReFashion Caravan fashion show in 2019 as neo kimono stylist. The show was held at ReFash...

◆Geisha style from Japanese Kimono fashion festival at Hokusai related temple◆

Hi I am Michael Yui from Tokyo Japan. I am working as street kimono stylist becauseI want to preserve Kimonos so they wi...
Airbnb Kimono -blog

◆Airbnb Kimono experience guest from Denmark◆

Kids are very welcome for my Airbnb Kimono Experience. Enjoy with your family!!
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