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【Kimono experience guests from Kenya🇰🇪】

Two ladies are coming from Kenya. They choose beautiful blue Kimono styles. If you want experience Kimono, come to...

【Parents make “Kataage(肩上げ) to pray for their children’s healthy growth.】

"Kataage(肩上げ)" isput in tucks at the shouldersof a kimono and make the Kimono sleeves shorter. It means Kimono for ch...

【Hand Sewing Kimono make Kimono👘 life longer. Sustainability of Kimono】

Do you like to sewing? I love to sew by myself thought I am not good at it. I fix my favorite T-shirt and my sox. ...

【Square Fabric is easy to transform other items.👘 Sustainability of Kimono】

As I write last article, Kimono is made by square shaped fabric. This is one of the sustainability of Kimono. Square ...

Finished Kimono show imaged of 2020.

We had a great Kimono SHOW on May 25th. I did styling for the SHOW. I was so happy I saw models smile with my styling...
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