Visit Shichifukujin(七福神) with bicycle and Neo KIMONO.


I held event for visiting Shichifukujin(七福神) by bicycle with KIMONO.

Riding bicycle with KIMONO is easy.

Visiting Shichifukujin(七福神) in Sumida-river.

Sumida-district has Shichifukujin(七福神). They are the seven deities of good fortune in Japan. The deities is originally from Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Shinto. Visiting the seven deities of good fortune is called Shichifukujin-Meguri(七福神めぐり). This culture grow in Japan. So it is not problem for Japanese to mixing the other religion deities. Some Japanese people even don’t know about which deities is from which religion. This culture is not only famous this area. You may have chance to visit them in other areas if you visit Japan.

恵比寿 = God of Development

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寿老人 = God of Health

大黒天 = God of Wealth

弁財天 = God of Beauty

福禄寿 = God of Happiness

布袋尊 = God of Cleverness

毘沙門天 = God of Succeess

In New year people visit them and get bless from them for Happy New year.

Perfect for KIMONO and bicycle.

Each shrine or temple are not so close so this time we use bicycle.

If you are interested in this Shichifukujin, in Sumida-district, please visit them.

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