【Hand Sewing Kimono make Kimono👘 life longer. Sustainability of Kimono】


Do you like to sewing? I love to sew by myself thought I am not good at it.

I fix my favorite T-shirt and my sox.

For fashion, sewing is sometime very important.


But for Kimono it is not about only fashion.

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We still have a lot of hand sewing Kimono instead of machine sewing.

One of the biggest reason you will break your own Kimono is you will hook your Kimono sleeve to door knob and break your Kimono sleeve. It happen quite a lot if you just start wear Kimono.

But don’t worry if your Kimono is handmade sewing, it is easy to fix.

When you break the hand sewing Kimono, the thread will break instead of fabric break. So you can fix Kimono easily.

There are so many Kimono live around 50 years old it is quite common. I have my grand mother’s Kimono. That is one of the reason Kimono live longer. It is  very sustainable part of Kimono.

I hope you will know about sustainability of Kimono through my blog and fashionability of Kimono.

If you want to experience sustainable Kimono in Tokyo Japan, check my Kimono experience on airbnb. You can wear Kimono and I will take you to secret local and historical area of East Tokyo. I will also tell you sustainability of Kimono.



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