【Square Fabric is easy to transform other items.👘 Sustainability of Kimono】


As I write last article, Kimono is made by square shaped fabric.

This is one of the sustainability of Kimono. Square shape can fit a lot of people.

Kimono is just fabric👘with two holes for hands


There is one another good part because of the square shape of Kimono.

It is you can reuse as fabric again more easily.

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Here is example how people in Edo Period(1603-1867) use Kimono Fabric after they couldn’t wear the Kimono anymore.

-Fix another Kimono to make it stronger.

-Make diapers.

-Make dust cloth

-Use as alive coal for furnace

-Use the dust for fertilizer 

They finally gave back the Kimono to the earth and it will become energy to make new fabric material such as cotton.

How sustainable it is.


In present time we also use Kimono Fabric as

-Make Obi-belt.

-Make Haori(Kimono Jacket).

-Make western clothes.

-Make bags.

-Make accessories.


This is very easy to make another items because of the shape of Kimono.

I really love the Kimono has a lot of ideas for cherishing things. We really need this ideas for our earth planet.

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