Don’t cut fabric wastefully for Kimono. 👘 Sustainability of Kimono1


Do you know how Kimono is sustainable? There are so many mind of  “Mottainai(don’t waste things)” in to Kimono.

I will talk about sustainability of Kimono for few days in this blog.


Maybe some people already know when people make Kimono, they don’t cut the fabric vertically except collar.

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Because cutting fabric vertical can be waste the precious fabric. They can put extra fabric in when they sew and if you want make Kimono bigger you can use the extra fabric. It means the Kimono is made not only for one person to wear. People think about maybe many people will be going to wear. When the size doesn’t fit, they don’t just throw it away, they will fix the size and wear or give someone to wear.


Here is example. The connection part of shoulder and sleeve, they put all of fabric in when they sew. After you finish to wear your children can wear even they are bigger than you it is fixable. Off course there is a limit though.


There are so many sustainability part of Kimono. I will keep writing about it. Please keep following my blog.


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