ReFashion Caravan festival at Shirahige-shrine


I made it through the first ReFashion Caravan fashion show in 2019 as neo kimono stylist.

The show was held at ReFashion Caravan Festival at Shirahige-shrine on the shrine stage.

Look how beautiful the place and show was.

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I also was on the stage as kimono stylist and dresser.


Next stage is going to be ReFashion Caravan fashion show in JapanEXPO from July 4th to 7th.

Don’t miss ReFashion Caravan fashion show at the stage. I will be on the stage as stylist.

Please join from the event page to get earliest information.



Kimono experience page on airbnb

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If you are coming to Tokyo Japan, come and enjoy my Kimono experience.

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