◆Happy New Year◆


Hi I am Michael Yui from Tokyo Japan. I am working as street kimono stylist because I want to preserve Kimonos so they will still be here in a 1000 years into the future.

The New Year is coming!! What are you going to do this 2019??

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This year is the year of the boar, according to the Chinese zodiac. I’m a boar! It is my year!!!
Boar can’t stop going forward. This year I will keep going to my dream just like Boar.

I hope everyone having great 2019.

By the way I just start youtube channel. It is only Japanese movie right now, but if you are interested please follow my channel.

1000年先の未来に着物を残すため、着付け師からネオKimonoスタイリストになったミシェル由衣のチャンネルです。 Neo Kimono Stylist Yui's Channel. #着物 #きもの #kimono #Kimonostylist #きものスタイリスト #kimonostyling #きものスタイリ...

Have a wonderful 2019.

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