◆Kimono experience guests on airbnb from Philippine◆

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Hi I am Michael Yui from Tokyo Japan. I am working as neo kimono stylist for saving Kimono for 1000 years later.

Today I had two guests for Kimono experience on airbnb from Philippine.

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They are not mother and daughter. They are grandmother and granddaughter.

It was first time I had only two of grandmother and granddaughter and they are so close take care each other. For me they are just like friends.

They are also fun of Japan and Tokyo. And grandmother came to Japan before I born and I heard some episodes I even don’t imagine. They are so nice guests.

It is always good to have guests and have a lot of time to know each other. I always love not only the people but also the countries where they are coming from. And I always love my country “Japan” more and more. The guests shows me other great point of Japan.

Thank you so much for coming my experience.

If you are interested my KImono experience check the link below.

Tokyo local walk with Fashion Kimono

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