◆Is the Kimono should be on Intangible cultural heritage?◆

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Hi I am Yui from Tokyo Japan. I am working as neo kimono stylist for saving Kimono for 1000 years later.

My photo with black hair from 6years ago.

Do you know about there are groups they want to register Kimono to be on Intangible cultural heritage? I really love Kimonos so I checked on internet is it good for Kimono or not.

The answer is maybe it is good for Kimono future

but it makes me sad.

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If the kimono will be on Intangible cultural heritage, people have to have action for supporting Kimono future. Some people think without the support from Intangible cultural heritage, Kimono is not able to survive for longer times.


I believe if a lot of people wear Kimono for their daily clothes Kimono will be fine for future but some people don’t believe that. That’s makes me sad.

I will keep having action for changing their mind we can save the Kimono future and we better do that without Intangible cultural heritage. And I will tell people how Kimono is fun, easy and fashionable.  Anyway I love Kimono.

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