◆Wide pants and Kimono mixed neo kimono style◆


Hi I became neo-kimono stylist from kimono dresser for saving Kimono 1000years later.

Tokyo had a bit colder days because of typhoon and here is good neo-kimono style for autumn season.

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▼Wide pants and Kimono mixed style▼

If you want to wear Kimono not too much Japanese traditional style and fashionable, this is the style for you. You should not make the Kimono length long and wear like tight skirt. You can make the Kimono hem wider. You can also wear with wide long skirt instead of wide pants and wear Kimono like tight skirt you may be able to make mermaid line skirt.


▼wearing Haori makes more westernized style▼

Look at this back style. Isn’t it just like western clothe? If you don’t show the Obi-belt part, it just like western clothes. I recommend this style for daily Kimono. 


Please try this neo-kimono style for your daily fashion.


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