◆Why I recommend my neighbors in Tokyo◆

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If you are coming to Tokyo, you better come to my my neighbors “Mukoujima-area” instead of famous touristic place in Tokyo. It is also in Tokyo so if you stay in Tokyo it is easy to come to my neighbors.

Why I recommend my neighbors are

1, You can go to quiet and beautiful shrines.

There are few shrines it is less people and beautiful even it is not big. And if you want to take photos it is easy to take photos because of less people.

2, If you are super lucky, you can see geisha.
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My neighbors have real Geisha working area. It is difficult to take photos with them but maybe you can see the real geisha. And if you go to “Sumida park Bokutei Sakura festival” and buy some tea or snack at Geisha booth, you can actually meet the real Geisha and have a chance to take photo with them. It start the end of March and better check the schedules every year.

The photo is not real geisha though ( ^ω^ )

3, You have chance to see the life of local people.

The place is place to live. You will see local people. The houses may be very small for you and look Kawaii. Please don’t make too much noise. If you go to local Izakaya, maybe you can talk to local people and will feel their kindness.

4, you can take photos with skytree

This area is near the Skytree but not too close so you can take photos with full length skytree.

5, Great fit with Kimono and have place to wear Kimono.

Some people live this area wear daily Kimono sometimes and great fit. People are very welcome foreigners wear Kimono. And if you want to wear Kimono you can come to my Kimono Service [Old Meets New] on Airbnb Experience services.

Please come to my neighbors and if you are interested in my Kimono experience check the URL below.

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