◆Finished Kurotome Night!!◆


On May 5th, I just finished big event called “Kurotome Night

More than 100 people are coming with beautiful Kurotome Kimono.

What a gorgeous night!!

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My Kimono was my friends’ artist “Ouma” painted on mourning Kimono.

My make up is also fit with her paint work.

Thank you for let me hand out my flyer of Crowd funding.

Please share my crowdfunding page and support my project!!

Makuake|ネオKimono in Londonの写真集を作成し写真展を開催したい!|Makuake(マクアケ)
ネオKIMONO それは着物と洋服をミックスした新しいファッションのスタイル提言! そんな自由で魅力溢れるネオKIMONOスタイリングを提唱するスタイリスト・ミシェル由衣が、ロンドンでプロではないロンドンに住む人々にネオKIMONOスタイリングで撮影を敢行。その写真で写真集作成と写真展を開催したい! 新しいファッション...


My next mission is the crowd funding and my Neo Kimono photo exhibition and Neo Kimono photobook. 

And Japan EXPO in Paris on this July.

Support my project!!

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