◆Japanese entertainment show “RefashionCaravan” on Sep. finished◆


Hello everyone.

I am neo Kimono stylist Michael Yui.
The end of September to beginning of October, I was so happy but so tired
because I joined show as neo Kimono stylist.
First on Sep. 29th, here is photos of Japanese entertainment show “Refashion Caravan” in TokyoDex

22046559_1644406955629887_1839230889246780581_n.jpg 22089157_1644418215628761_1156841478573577647_n.jpg


As I always do, I choose perfect styling for each models, dancers and actors.

22050322_1644418742295375_2228334618604040819_n.jpg 22007951_1644407738963142_1785784999495316286_n.jpg

I hope everyone express who really they are at the stage.

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This time, I bit put unrealistic world to everyone forget the daily life and just enjoy the stage.

22155138_10214623136000815_2080529517_n.jpg 22156974_10214623136640831_645671855_n.jpg


Tskiko played her music to take everyone to fantasy world.

And Lazuccalunga made us a movie to collaborate on the stage.




Thank you so much to Daniel-san at TokyoDex

And Thank you so much to Lazuccalunga for such a great chance.


Next stage of RefashionCaravan is Oct. 15th.

Meet at Hokusai x Kimono temple festival.


Neo Kimono Stylist Michael Yui

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