We walked our town with Kimono on May 22nd.

On May 22nd, we held Kimono event same as every month.
This time only one person rent Kimono and I want more people to rent Kimono.
But people wore very colorful Kimono so we got great pictures!
There are group pictures.
4512.jpg 4736.jpg
This time make up artist was coming.
A guy also experience the make up.
4262.jpg 4281.jpg4307.jpg
How colorful are they in this town.
4319.jpg 4322.jpg4336.jpg4455.jpg4464.jpg
And this time we went to Mukoujima-Hyakaen again!
4678.jpg 4745.jpg4781.jpg
Here is picture with Junko-san.
And last picture is myself.
Next event will be on June 17th from 4:00pm.
We decide to start on evening.
We are welcome to join later if you have own Kimono.
I can not wait to see you everyone with unique Kimono.
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