We walk around with Kimono on Apr. 9th.


On April 9th, we held event of Casual Kimono.
Start from photos of everyone at Re-fashion shop.
This time we were looking for last cherry blossom at Sumida river
same as last time event.
But anyway from here, we took a photo with Sky-tree.
We walked at side of the river and go to Mimeguri shrine.
We took a jumping photo in front of the shrine like a kid.
Last stop was Kimono tailor’s house.
The tailor Nao-ya held the Kimono event and Japan Refashion association joined the event.

This time I was so happy about men’s styling.
They said “I will wear anything. Choose whatever you want.”
So I did what I really wanna dress to them.
Hope everyone will try this style of Kimono.
All Kimono is women’s Kimono but looks great!

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This time four good friends group joined our event.
Everyone was coming from different area.
Thank you for coming everyone.
One guy wear his own Kimono.
We are so happy that everyone enjoyed the old town.

And one another lady wear her own beautiful green Kimono.
She joined some of other Yui‘s event and
Japan Refashion association‘s event.
What a wonderful Spring Green color don’t you think?

And he is the oldest man at this event
and his styling was so coooooool!
I did the styling match to his own hat and shoes.
A picture with Representative of Japan Refashion association.

This time the cameraman took a lot of great photos
and my styling was also my favorite.
So I decided to put one more article about my styling.
Please check the article too.
Last picture is a pretty statues of Lion’s back.

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