Thank you for watching our broadcasting.


On January 12th, we broadcasted on live for second time.
This time there are three kinds of guests are coming.

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First guest was Asakusa Alice.
She is original author of Kamisama Hotokesama Kitsunesama.
She also have her program at Internet broad cast channel “Tokyo Shitamachi Channel
She came with beautiful Kimono!
SS 2016-01-13_01

Second guest was Ueno-san and he also came first live.
This time he talked about Sumida-river.
Thank you for the fun talk and great Kimono-looking!

Last guest was Tskiko manager of the band, Bamboo flute Abe and percussion Seco from Samurai Soul. I did their styling on their last Christmas live.
They played music on the broad cast. We are so lucky to listen that.

We try to make the broadcast better overtime,
this time we couldn’t tell a lot to the audience.
Please watch our growth of the program.
Next broadcast will be on January 26th.
Look forward the next broadcast on live! This is the URL ↓↓↓ Again thank you for the all guests and audiences.

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