Walk to powerspot in our neigher with Kimono on Jan. 4th.


On January 4th, we held event
“Wearing fashionable daily Kimono and walk around Sumida-ku city” for second time.
There are 12 people wearing beautiful and colorful Kimono.
Including staffs there are 16 Kimono people walked around spiritual place at Sumida-ku.
Here is group photos.

The event is just like my dream come true
the Kimono world should become like this.
Everyone wears different kind of beautiful Kimono.
Here is pictures of heroes like Power Ranger.
(Hope everyone understands)

This time people who helped me a lot last year joined event.
What a wonderful new year!
She is tailor of Kimono Naoya Nao-san.
Her Kimono coat is made by one of the no,1 formal Kimono Iro-Tomesode.

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Rena acts as master of ceremony at our Kimono fashion show.
She loves Yellow, so she wear yellow except boots and accessories.
Her down style hair is perfect sample hairstyle for casual Kimono.

Akiko joined with her son, she is my Kimono student.

At the Retoro-modern Kimono selling and Japanese doll event,
angel Sakura display her beautiful Japanese doll.
She wear old Kimono, her grand-mother made the kimono
for her when she was very young.
Great modern styling with the Kimono.

Anyway everybody looks fun and I am so happy about it!

We walked around Sumida-ku and back to Refashion-Shop and drink Sake.

And this time professional make up artist make customers!
Next time there are hair stylist on February 4th.

Professional cameraman Saki-san always follow our event,
that’s why there are too many great photos.
I can not put them all.
Off course cameraman also wear Kimono.
I forgot to take a photo of him.

Thank you for everyone joining this event!
If you can not join this time, you have chance next time.
By the way, I wear cross-dressing.
Looks like old style students.

Last one is my favorite photo looks like men.

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