Broadcasting on Nico Nico movie!

We broadcast on live with Nico Nico movie.
I the stylist of mix Kimono and western clothes Michael Yui and
the Representative of Japan Refashion association Junko-san
were the personality of this broadcast.
It is about the mix styling of Kimono and western clothes.
We are waiting for the broadcast is start.
This time, we asked guests to a lot of fun story.
The title of program is “Laboratory of mixed style of Kimono and western clothes”
But we also talk about Tokyo old town because of the place we broadcast.

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If the program help people don’t know about Kimono to start Kimono.
We will make the program more easier to understand for them.

This time the two guests helped us a lot.
Thank you for the precious story.

We have next broadcasting live on January though it is in Japanese.
January 12th and 26th 19:00-21:00

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