Retro modern Kimono fashion show finished!


There was event at Asakusa about Kimono and Japanese dolls.
At the event we held Kimono fashion show.

This time, we wanna show casual and free Kimono style.
A lot of people think Kimono have a lot of rules,
but you don’t need to follow every rule every times.
When you wear Kimono at normal and casual day, you can wear it without rules.
So I put Kimono and boots or other western clothes or accessories together as new style of Kimono.

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We also took a lot of photos at the same day.

We really want everyone to feel Kimono is not so special,
it is just a clothes.

If you are interested in Kimono, check the photos.
And don’t give up if you are not Japanese.
Kimono looks everyone to beautiful.

Enjoy your own style of Kimono!

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