I watched Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestling have Kimono day, so I went to see Sumou. With my Kimono off course. And today we broadcast on niconico movei. The guest is Oyabin-san who takes me to Sumou. Off course we are going to talk about Sumou. http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv275696935?nicorepo_community_live_reserve&ref=zero_mynicorepo 和洋装スタイリスト ミシェル由衣 ホームページ:http://kewaiyasan.wixsite.com/kewaiya facebookページ:http://www.facebook.com/Kewaiya/ 問い合わせ:kewaiyasan@gmail.com                   080-5027-8722


10月8日(土)に開催される、北斎着物ファッションショーの衣装合わせが始まりました。 ファッションショーについてはこちら→http://michael-yui.com/blog-entry-61.html いくつか、ボツになった写真をご紹介。    今回はなんとも心強い事に、歴史という観点から私に着物の事を教えてくださる、 仕立 直やさんが助言、スタイリングの提案をしてくださるので、 時代が絡む作品に取り組む事ができています。 勿論江戸時代に実際にあった着物なんてありませんので、できる事をできるだけ。 のスタンスで、最高の物をお届けしますが、退屈させない自信あります!!! さーて今日も衣装合わせです。ワクワクするな〜。という事で、間も無く行ってまいります! みんなファッションショーきてくださいね〜。 日時:2016年10月08日 (土) 11:00 ~ 17:00 入場料:無料会場 : 柳嶋妙見山法性寺 墨田区業平5-7-7主催:日本リ・ファッション協会協力:柳嶋妙見山法性寺(北斎ゆかりのお寺) ●13:00〜15:00 本堂でのステージ入館料:1,000円(ファッションショーとパフォーマンス) 和洋装スタイリスト ミシェル由衣 ホームページ:http://kewaiyasan.wixsite.com/kewaiya facebookページ:http://www.facebook.com/Kewaiya/ 問い合わせ:kewaiyasan@gmail.com       080-5027-8722

7月31日の「下町ミュージックフェストin NEXTUENOCOLLECTION」4ステージのファッションショー無事終了!

イベントが詰まっていたのでブログが遅くなっちゃった。 フレッシュなうちに書き留めないとやっぱりだめね。 今回は4ステージのファッションショーで約40ルックの 和装、和洋装ミックススタイルのスタイリングを担当しました。 全てのステージで違うルックが見え、さらに和装だけだったり、 洋装だけだったりではなく、和装、洋装、和洋装のスタイリングが 一つのステージで観れるという演出にも和服と洋服を区切らない とてもありがたい、嬉しい演出でした。   今回、改めて和服の力をたくさんお借りしました。 私の大好きな、いわゆる和洋装スタイル、これは本当に好きだし、素敵なのですが、 ただただ普通にスタイリングした、素晴らしい着物達。 これは私のスタイリングの力というより、着物、浴衣そのものの素晴らしさ、 モデルさんの力による物だとしみじみ感じました。  私が今回シンプルなのに、さすが和服と思ったのはこの↑男性モデルさんの物です。 なんでもない、紺地に水色でなでしこの花がたくさん。大きすぎず小さすぎず。 隣の浴衣との相性も抜群で、なんとも素敵な立ち姿です。 こういう和服を見ると、やっぱり和服すごい!とおもわずには入られません。 そして何と言っても今回は洋装のスタイリングも見もの。 着物をただ着てるだけなんて、洋装に負けちゃうよ〜笑が伝わればなと思いました。  洋装のスタイリング担当は、セルフスタイリングアドバイザーMarony.Tokyo そして衣装は日本リ・ファッション協会へと届けられた古着たち。 ショーが全て終わった後、控え室へと帰っていく後ろ姿がいつも好きです。   モデルの皆様と一緒に写真撮影して頂きました。   本当に、たくさんの方に感謝です。 制作;NEXT  GATE株式会社演出家:mayumiさん、川上弘明さん

We walked our town with Kimono on May 22nd.

  On May 22nd, we held Kimono event same as every month. This time only one person rent Kimono and I want more people to rent Kimono. But people wore very colorful Kimono so we got great pictures!   There are group pictures.       This time make up artist was coming. A guy also experience the make up.     How colorful are they in this town.     And this time we went to Mukoujima-Hyakaen again!     Here is picture with Junko-san.     And last picture is myself.       Next event will be on June 17th from 4:00pm. We decide to start on …

We walk around with Kimono on Apr. 9th.

On April 9th, we held event of Casual Kimono. Start from photos of everyone at Re-fashion shop. This time we were looking for last cherry blossom at Sumida river same as last time event. But anyway from here, we took a photo with Sky-tree. We walked at side of the river and go to Mimeguri shrine. We took a jumping photo in front of the shrine like a kid. Last stop was Kimono tailor’s house. The tailor Nao-ya held the Kimono event and Japan Refashion association joined the event. This time I was so happy about men’s styling. They said “I will wear anything. Choose whatever you want.” So I …

Walk around with Kimono on March 13th.

On March 13th, we held the Kimono Event. We walked to Sakura-bashi bridge and go to Taito-ku across the Sumida-river, looked earlier Sakura(Cherry blossom), go to Ushijima-shrine and go back to Re fashion Shop with Kimono. This time nobody rent Kimono from re-fashion Shop. I asked one man to wear Ladies’ Kimono jacket. The jacket was fashionable and looks really great. Of course another guy and cameraman guy also wore Kimono. Before we back to re fashion Shop, we went to “Rain Cafe” by “Amamizu Shimin no Kai”. We learned what they do, how people can use rain and how safe rain is. etc… Next same event will be on …

Thank you for watching our broadcasting.

On January 12th, we broadcasted on live for second time. This time there are three kinds of guests are coming. First guest was Asakusa Alice. She is original author of Kamisama Hotokesama Kitsunesama. She also have her program at Internet broad cast channel “Tokyo Shitamachi Channel” She came with beautiful Kimono! Second guest was Ueno-san and he also came first live. This time he talked about Sumida-river. Thank you for the fun talk and great Kimono-looking! Last guest was Tskiko manager of the band, Bamboo flute Abe and percussion Seco from Samurai Soul. I did their styling on their last Christmas live. They played music on the broad cast. We …

We are goint to start broadcast on Nico Nico movie♪

Last year, we started broadcast on live with Nico Nico Douga. And it become regular live. Every second and forth Tuesday on 19:00-21:00. On January, we already have URL. Check the URL bellow. 1月12日のURL January 12th URL http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv247762835 January 26th URL http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv247763197 Last time picture. On January 12th, member of SAMURAI Soul will come as the guest. I did their styling last Christmas live. I will not tell who will come this time. Same as last time, we will drink at the live, please ready your drink.

Walk to powerspot in our neigher with Kimono on Jan. 4th.

On January 4th, we held event “Wearing fashionable daily Kimono and walk around Sumida-ku city” for second time. There are 12 people wearing beautiful and colorful Kimono. Including staffs there are 16 Kimono people walked around spiritual place at Sumida-ku. Here is group photos. The event is just like my dream come true the Kimono world should become like this. Everyone wears different kind of beautiful Kimono. Here is pictures of heroes like Power Ranger. (Hope everyone understands) This time people who helped me a lot last year joined event. What a wonderful new year! She is tailor of Kimono Naoya Nao-san. Her Kimono coat is made by one of …