◆Finished Kurotome Night!!◆

On May 5th, I just finished big event called “Kurotome Night” More than 100 people are coming with beautiful Kurotome Kimono. What a gorgeous night!! My Kimono was my friends’ artist “Ouma” painted on mourning Kimono. My make up is also fit with her paint work. Thank you for let me hand out my flyer of Crowd funding. Please share my crowdfunding page and support my project!! https://www.makuake.com/project/kimono-in-london/   My next mission is the crowd funding and my Neo Kimono photo exhibition and Neo Kimono photobook.  And Japan EXPO in Paris on this July. Support my project!!

Here is future after 1000years with Kimono

If you come to event “Neo Kimono photo shooting in space ship”, you will arrive at future after 1000years. Come and breath the air of future after 1000 years. Date : Apr. 20th Friday Time : 18:00〜around 23:00(shooting will start from 18:00) Place : Supernova Address : 藤井Building 2F 1-11-11Mukoujima Sumidaku Tokyo Entrance Fee : Free but order at least one drink Please click join button at Facebook event page. https://www.facebook.com/events/1392489144229855/

Kimono Experience on Airbnb in Sakura season 2018.

It is Sakura -cherry blossom- season and perfect much with Kimono. Though no Sakura in the photos (^◇^;) This year the Sakura was really early, almost end of Sakura. Any season I am waiting for you to enjoy my Kimono experience on Airbnb in Tokyo. If you want to see the details check the AIrbnb Experience page. ↓↓↓Wear neo Kimono and walk around neighrs↓↓↓ https://www.airbnb.jp/experiences/48477 ↓↓↓Kimono fashion shoot with stylist↓↓↓ https://www.airbnb.jp/experiences/163805

Event Information

◆4/20(Fri) neo Kimono photo shoot in space ship Vol.2◆ I will do photo shooting for Neo Kimono style in Supernova. After the shooting we gonna drink. Feel free to join the event. ◆5/5(土)Kurotome hot rod 55″ Kurotome night in Tokyo kimonoshow◆ I am helping this event. Please come and join! Ticket sales from Apr. 1st. Facebook Event page→https://www.facebook.com/events/388973021559836/  

4/20(Fri) Neo Kimono photo shooting in spaceship Vol.2

I just start the Neo Kimono photo shooting in space ship from March. Anyone can come to space ship. This is how the space looks like! it is really space ship don’t you think? What this event is I am dress up model with neo Kimono style and makeup and take photos at space ship called Supernova. And anyone can watch the shooting by come to space ship or facebook broadcasting. If you are interested in watching photo shooting, feel free to come and watch. After the photo shoot, everyone will start drink at Supernova. Enjoy the space with everyone. Every month I will do this event. After I take …


2017 Oct. 21st ◆RefashionCaravan KIMONO show in China festival◆     joined as Neo Kimono stylist Oct. 14th ◆Hokusai×Kimono Temple festival◆     joined as Neo Kimono stylist Sep. 29th ◆RefashionCaravan KIMONO show IN Super Deluxe◆     joined as Neo Kimono stylist  

KIMONO is free!!!

A lot of people shink, “follow the rule when wearing Kimono”. But when I make new style with Kimono, I just dress freely to show how the fashion is free to wear not only Kimono but also your daily clothes. Fashion is free that’s what I want to show with Kimono. Enjoy your free fashion style!!!