2017 Oct. 21st ◆RefashionCaravan KIMONO show in China festival◆     joined as Neo Kimono stylist Oct. 14th ◆Hokusai×Kimono Temple festival◆     joined as Neo Kimono stylist Sep. 29th ◆RefashionCaravan KIMONO show IN Super Deluxe◆     joined as Neo Kimono stylist  

KIMONO is free!!!

A lot of people shink, “follow the rule when wearing Kimono”. But when I make new style with Kimono, I just dress freely to show how the fashion is free to wear not only Kimono but also your daily clothes. Fashion is free that’s what I want to show with Kimono. Enjoy your free fashion style!!!

Save the kimono in the future ahead 1000 years.

If Kimono is much easier to wear, more people wear Kimono. If people all over the world wear Kimono, Kimono will be live forever. That’s why I started fashionable and easier Kimono. If you want to try my Kimono style, come to my Airbnb Kimono experience. You can wear the new fashion style!! I will keep my Kimono services for saving Kimono future.

About Neo Kimono Stylist Michael Yui.

I want to save Kimono 1000years later! I want everyone to wear anything they want! That’s Yui became Neo Kimono stylist from just Kimono dresser. I do have no difference between western clothes and Kimono. Kimono is just clothes same as western clothes. I always have this mind when I dress up someone with my Kimono style. Enjoy the free fashion together.