◆What I am going to do in Paris JapanEXPO◆

I am going to Paris for JapanEXPO from July 5th to 8th. This time I have two things to do. One is join the show stage as Kimono fashion stylist for RefashionCaravan. You will see a lot of different kinds of Kimono style not only traditional Kimono. Wait for the time schedule from JapanEXPO. The photo is from 2017 Ueno stage. One more thing is I will be at WabiSabi area RefashionCaravan booth. If you want to try Kimono, come to our booth at WabiSabi area and look for pink hair with Kimono it is me “Yui”. I am going to JapanEXPO for telling how Kimono is fun, easy and …

I will join JapanEXPO in Paris 2018 as Kimono stylist.

From July 5th to July 8th, I will join JapanEXPO in Paris as Kimono stylist this year. I will decide the costume for RefashionCaravan Kimono show stage at JapanEXPO. We need help for the activity fee for the JapanEXPO show. Support RefashionCaravan for going to JapanEXPO in Paris Thanks mail $10.00 USDThanks mail with photos in Paris $30.00 USDThanks letter from Paris $50.00 USDThanks letter with souvenir $100.00 USD Support us and I hope to see everyone in JapanEXPO in Paris.

Event Information

◆4/20(Fri) neo Kimono photo shoot in space ship Vol.2◆ I will do photo shooting for Neo Kimono style in Supernova. After the shooting we gonna drink. Feel free to join the event. ◆5/5(土)Kurotome hot rod 55″ Kurotome night in Tokyo kimonoshow◆ I am helping this event. Please come and join! Ticket sales from Apr. 1st. Facebook Event page→https://www.facebook.com/events/388973021559836/  

4/20(Fri) Neo Kimono photo shooting in spaceship Vol.2

I just start the Neo Kimono photo shooting in space ship from March. Anyone can come to space ship. This is how the space looks like! it is really space ship don’t you think? What this event is I am dress up model with neo Kimono style and makeup and take photos at space ship called Supernova. And anyone can watch the shooting by come to space ship or facebook broadcasting. If you are interested in watching photo shooting, feel free to come and watch. After the photo shoot, everyone will start drink at Supernova. Enjoy the space with everyone. Every month I will do this event. After I take …