I watched Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestling have Kimono day, so I went to see Sumou. With my Kimono off course. And today we broadcast on niconico movei. The guest is Oyabin-san who takes me to Sumou. Off course we are going to talk about Sumou. http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv275696935?nicorepo_community_live_reserve&ref=zero_mynicorepo 和洋装スタイリスト ミシェル由衣 ホームページ:http://kewaiyasan.wixsite.com/kewaiya facebookページ:http://www.facebook.com/Kewaiya/ 問い合わせ:kewaiyasan@gmail.com                   080-5027-8722

Thank you for watching our broadcasting.

On January 12th, we broadcasted on live for second time. This time there are three kinds of guests are coming. First guest was Asakusa Alice. She is original author of Kamisama Hotokesama Kitsunesama. She also have her program at Internet broad cast channel “Tokyo Shitamachi Channel” She came with beautiful Kimono! Second guest was Ueno-san and he also came first live. This time he talked about Sumida-river. Thank you for the fun talk and great Kimono-looking! Last guest was Tskiko manager of the band, Bamboo flute Abe and percussion Seco from Samurai Soul. I did their styling on their last Christmas live. They played music on the broad cast. We …

We are goint to start broadcast on Nico Nico movie♪

Last year, we started broadcast on live with Nico Nico Douga. And it become regular live. Every second and forth Tuesday on 19:00-21:00. On January, we already have URL. Check the URL bellow. 1月12日のURL January 12th URL http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv247762835 January 26th URL http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv247763197 Last time picture. On January 12th, member of SAMURAI Soul will come as the guest. I did their styling last Christmas live. I will not tell who will come this time. Same as last time, we will drink at the live, please ready your drink.

Broadcasting on Nico Nico movie!

We broadcast on live with Nico Nico movie. I the stylist of mix Kimono and western clothes Michael Yui and the Representative of Japan Refashion association Junko-san were the personality of this broadcast. It is about the mix styling of Kimono and western clothes. 配信直前の写真♪ We are waiting for the broadcast is start. This time, we asked guests to a lot of fun story. The title of program is “Laboratory of mixed style of Kimono and western clothes” But we also talk about Tokyo old town because of the place we broadcast. If the program help people don’t know about Kimono to start Kimono. We will make the program more …