◆RefashionCaravan had lesson for the show in JapanEXPO2018 Paris◆

We had lesson on June 23rd for show at the JapanEPO2018 Paris. Off course I am the stylist for the show. The Kimono are donation Kimono for “Japan Refashion association” And here is our show schedule!! Come and enjoy our show. It is not just a fashion show!! Still looking for supporter for RefashionCaravan show. Support RefashionCaravan for going to JapanEXPO in Paris Thanks mail $10.00 USDThanks mail with photos in Paris $30.00 USDThanks letter from Paris $50.00 USDThanks letter with souvenir $100.00 USD Support us and I hope to see everyone in JapanEXPO in Paris.  

◆We are at WABI SABI 43 in JapanEXPO Paris◆

July 5th to 8th I am in JapanExpo Paris as Kimono stylist. Other than RefashionCaravan time, I will be at WABI SABI area booth No43. You can try Summer Kimono “Yukata” at our booth. Look for pink hair it is me.  RefashionCaravan has show at stages. Keep checking my homepage for show time schedule. I hope to see everyone in JapanEXPO Paris.

◆Thank you for supporting Crowdfunding ◆

Thank you for supporting my crowdfunding project “I want to do Neo Kimono in London photography exhibition and make photo book” was succeed. Thank you for supporting my project and keep watching my whole Kimono project in the future. Next is going to Paris for JapanEXPO 2018 July and will take some photos in Paris. Support page for JapanEXPO is here. I will join JapanEXPO in Paris 2018 as Kimono stylist. I hope to see you in JapanEXPO in Paris 2018 July.

◆Finished Kurotome Night!!◆

On May 5th, I just finished big event called “Kurotome Night” More than 100 people are coming with beautiful Kurotome Kimono. What a gorgeous night!! My Kimono was my friends’ artist “Ouma” painted on mourning Kimono. My make up is also fit with her paint work. Thank you for let me hand out my flyer of Crowd funding. Please share my crowdfunding page and support my project!! https://www.makuake.com/project/kimono-in-london/   My next mission is the crowd funding and my Neo Kimono photo exhibition and Neo Kimono photobook.  And Japan EXPO in Paris on this July. Support my project!!

Here is future after 1000years with Kimono

If you come to event “Neo Kimono photo shooting in space ship”, you will arrive at future after 1000years. Come and breath the air of future after 1000 years. Date : Apr. 20th Friday Time : 18:00〜around 23:00(shooting will start from 18:00) Place : Supernova Address : 藤井Building 2F 1-11-11Mukoujima Sumidaku Tokyo Entrance Fee : Free but order at least one drink Please click join button at Facebook event page. https://www.facebook.com/events/1392489144229855/

◆Our new Kimono show project “Refashion Caravan” start.◆

On August 2nd at Travel Hub Mix Refashion caravan did show. 8 models are actors, dancer or performer.   I did the costume styling.     If you couldn’t come this time, we have next show on August 6th.   Refashion「Japanese×Western fashionshow」 Date:August 6th Time:18:00〜19:15 Place:Ueno Park Aquatic Music hall. Detail URL http://ameblo.jp/ref-suzuki/entry-12295964393.html

Finished Kimono show imaged of 2020.

We had a great Kimono SHOW on May 25th. I did styling for the SHOW.   I was so happy I saw models smile with my styling Kimono. It makes me so happy more than anything. Kimono or clothes are full of life with smile. And I saw a lot of guests enjoyed wearing Kimono at the SHOW.    Again this time, a lot of people made the wonderful Show. Thank you for everyone made the show.  There is no success without you. Thank you so much!!!!!   Wait for pictures from photographer.

Finished fashion show in Design fest vol.44 2016/11/27

On Nov. 27th, the fashion show was finished. I believe the show will be the last show for this year. I am so tired!!!! I am so happy I am growing up for the show and find next task for better show. They are the dancers. I enjoyed their Kimono styling so much. I changed girl’s kimono quickly at the stage. And six beautiful and fashionable girls. I think that’s my style, colorful and fashionable. And final photo is with Kimono color rangers. I enjoyed their swordplay too. Neo Kimono stylisty Michael Yui Homepage:http://michael-yui.com/eng/ facebook:https://www.facebook.com/KimonoStylistYui/ Online shop:https://kewaiyasan.thebase.in/ Contact:kewaiyasan@gmail.com phone:080-4682-5787