◆What I am going to do in Paris JapanEXPO◆

I am going to Paris for JapanEXPO from July 5th to 8th. This time I have two things to do. One is join the show stage as Kimono fashion stylist for RefashionCaravan. You will see a lot of different kinds of Kimono style not only traditional Kimono. Wait for the time schedule from JapanEXPO. The photo is from 2017 Ueno stage. One more thing is I will be at WabiSabi area RefashionCaravan booth. If you want to try Kimono, come to our booth at WabiSabi area and look for pink hair with Kimono it is me “Yui”. I am going to JapanEXPO for telling how Kimono is fun, easy and …

Finished mixed Japan and Western fashion show.

Hello this is Michael Yui. Yesterday we safely finished mixed Japan and western fashion show.   I did the styling of traditional Kimono style and neo Kimono style. I enjoyed a lot!   I am so happy because everyone wear Kimono and western clothes from Japan ReFashion association so beautifully. I can hear the voice how the Kimono and clothes are also so happy.   Everyone made this show pretty beautiful.  Kimono, neo Kimono, western clothes and dancer got on the stage and dance Japanese local dance called “Bonodori”. That’s my favorite.     That was great time we dance together.       I decided to keep being neo …

◆Our new Kimono show project “Refashion Caravan” start.◆

On August 2nd at Travel Hub Mix Refashion caravan did show. 8 models are actors, dancer or performer.   I did the costume styling.     If you couldn’t come this time, we have next show on August 6th.   Refashion「Japanese×Western fashionshow」 Date:August 6th Time:18:00〜19:15 Place:Ueno Park Aquatic Music hall. Detail URL http://ameblo.jp/ref-suzuki/entry-12295964393.html

Finished Kimono show imaged of 2020.

We had a great Kimono SHOW on May 25th. I did styling for the SHOW.   I was so happy I saw models smile with my styling Kimono. It makes me so happy more than anything. Kimono or clothes are full of life with smile. And I saw a lot of guests enjoyed wearing Kimono at the SHOW.    Again this time, a lot of people made the wonderful Show. Thank you for everyone made the show.  There is no success without you. Thank you so much!!!!!   Wait for pictures from photographer.

Finished fashion show in Design fest vol.44 2016/11/27

On Nov. 27th, the fashion show was finished. I believe the show will be the last show for this year. I am so tired!!!! I am so happy I am growing up for the show and find next task for better show. They are the dancers. I enjoyed their Kimono styling so much. I changed girl’s kimono quickly at the stage. And six beautiful and fashionable girls. I think that’s my style, colorful and fashionable. And final photo is with Kimono color rangers. I enjoyed their swordplay too. Neo Kimono stylisty Michael Yui Homepage:http://michael-yui.com/eng/ facebook:https://www.facebook.com/KimonoStylistYui/ Online shop:https://kewaiyasan.thebase.in/ Contact:kewaiyasan@gmail.com phone:080-4682-5787

Retro modern Kimono fashion show finished!

There was event at Asakusa about Kimono and Japanese dolls. At the event we held Kimono fashion show. This time, we wanna show casual and free Kimono style. A lot of people think Kimono have a lot of rules, but you don’t need to follow every rule every times. When you wear Kimono at normal and casual day, you can wear it without rules. So I put Kimono and boots or other western clothes or accessories together as new style of Kimono. We also took a lot of photos at the same day. We really want everyone to feel Kimono is not so special, it is just a clothes. If …