【Kimono is just fabric👘with two holes for hands】


Have you ever wore Kimono before?

How the Kimono is made is totally different from western clothes. The Kimono shape is square because Kimono fabric never cut for human body shape. That’s why you need to learn “Kitsuke – how to wear Kimono”.

The Kitsuke is one of the difficult part of Kimono but it is also sustainability of Kimono. There are no buttons or fasteners for closing Kimono. You need to roll yourself with Kimono and tied with strings, so Kimono fabric always keep extra fabric to not show the skins.

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It means the size is very flexible. A lot of people can wear. After you finish wearing Kimono, you can give the Kimono to your family, friends and someone want your Kimono.

Here is good example photos. They wear same Kimono. Their body shape is totally different.

I really love the Kimono has a lot of ideas for cherishing things. We really need this ideas for our earth planet.

If you want to experience sustainable Kimono in Tokyo Japan, check my Kimono experience on airbnb. You can wear Kimono and I will take you to secret local and historical area of East Tokyo. I will also tell you sustainability of Kimono.

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