【Kimono experience customers from Germany】

Airbnb Kimono -blog

They choose my Kimono experience for their first Kimono experience.

I hope they had wonderful time with Kimono and also first Japan tour.

I hope she enjoy her Kimono she bought.

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If you want to Kimono experience in Tokyo, come to my Kimono experience on airbnb.

ファッショニスタになりきって着物を着よう - Airbnb
東京 - You can wear modish style of Kimono and after you change to Kimono you can browsing around small twon has more than 500 years of history. First we will me...

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My photo book【Neo Kimono in London】

Amazon.co.jp: Neo Kimono in London: ミシェル 由衣: 本
Amazon.co.jp: Neo Kimono in London: ミシェル 由衣: 本


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