I just start the Neo Kimono photo shooting in space ship from March.

Anyone can come to space ship.

This is how the space looks like! it is really space ship don’t you think?

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What this event is I am dress up model with neo Kimono style and makeup and take photos at space ship called Supernova. And anyone can watch the shooting by come to space ship or facebook broadcasting.

If you are interested in watching photo shooting, feel free to come and watch.

After the photo shoot, everyone will start drink at Supernova. Enjoy the space with everyone.

Every month I will do this event. After I take photos at least 10 different models, I will make photo book and do photo exhibition in Supernova. Come and support this project. Only one thing you need to do is order drinks! It will help the project.

If you want to take photo with models, please buy drink or food to them or give them chips.

This time the model is professional Bossa nova musician and she is going to play for everyone. Don’t forget give her chip.

Date : Apr. 20th Friday
Time : 18:00〜around 23:00(shooting will start from 18:00)
Place : Supernova
Address : 藤井Building 2F 1-11-11Mukoujima Sumidaku Tokyo
Entrance Fee : Free but order at least one drink
Please click join button at Facebook event page.
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